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Live at Lake Junaluska

This live DVD was recorded Christmas 2014 in Stuart Auditorium in Lake Junaluska, NC. It is approximately 90 minutes in length, and includes all 10 of the Cockman grandchildren.
Joy to the World
Thank You for Your Blessings
Christmas Time at Home
Dueling Banjo/Jingle Bells
Little Drummer Boy
Beautiful Star of Bethlehem
Gloria Medley
Christmas Lullaby
I've Been Blessed
Lord I Lift Your Name on High
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
I Saw the Light
Arizona Yodeler
In the Stable
3 O'clock Prayer
Black Mountain Rag
El Cumbanchero
Meeting in the Air

Christmas at Lake Junaluska

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twenty five

25th Anniversary of Cockman Family Original Music

This triple CD is a collection of all the original songs that the Cockman Family has recorded. It contains 64 songs in Chronological order from 1988 to the present.

Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3
Ballad of Old Blue
Blessing You Still
Cling to His Promise
One More Day
God's Masterpiece
Like and Eagle
I Will Trust in You
Father Forgive
I Can't Wait for the Day
I Know He's Coming
Thank You for the Rain
Sweet Jesus
Before the World's Foundation
A Love Song
There is a Highway
Who He Is
I've Got That Joy
Just Once More
How Can Two Walk Together
Sail On
Deep Settled Peace
In the Arms of Jesus
Old Soldier's Reunion
I've Met the Lord
When I Pray
Child of the King
Welcome to the Promised Land
The Love Letter
My Love
I Will Ride this Road
He Picked Me Up
I Love You Lord
When He Touched Me
That Joy Was You
I Met Calvary on My Knees
Swallow Your Pride
Thank You for Your Blessings
He Giveth More Grace
My Name is In the Book
One More Day
The Promise
Looking for a Place to Cross

God is Watching over Me
It Was All about Love
The Wheel
Eyes of Love
The Answer is Jesus
The Living God
What Sins
Home is Where the Heart Is
Born to Shine
Love True Love
Know that You Know
Run this Race
The One Who Knows Why
Three O'Clock Prayer
Agels Unaware
Maker of the Stars
Christmas Time at Home
Bethlehem, Bethlehem
In the Stable
There's a Light
Christmas Lullaby

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I've Been Changed (Mosie Lister)
Born to Shine (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
True Love Never Ends (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
Acres of Diamonds (Arthur Smith)
Know that You Know (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
Christ Liveth in Me (Daniel Wester Whittle)
Home is Where the Heart Is (Jane Cockman)
Suppertime (Ira F. Stanphill)
Going Back (Sylvia Burgess)
Run This Race (Billy Cockman)
The One Who Knows Why (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? (Spiritual)
Three O'Clock Prayer (John Cockman, Jr.)

THE COCKMAN FAMILY   -   PO BOX 63   -   SHERRILL'S FORD, NC  28673   -   (828) 478-4306

It Was All About Love
God Is Watching Over Me (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
It Was All About Love (Billy Cockman)
The Wheel (John Cockman)
Eyes of Love (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
The Answer Is Jesus (David Cockman)
The Living God (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
Angel Band
Power In The Blood
Joy Unspeakable
What Sins (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
I Shall Not Be Moved
Patriotic Medley

THE COCKMAN FAMILY   -   PO BOX 63   -   SHERRILL'S FORD, NC  28673   -   (828) 478-4306

20th Anniversary Collector's Album

This double CD collector's album represents our family's 20th anniversary of singing Bluegrass Gospel music. We sang publicly for the first time at the Balls Creek Fiddler's Convention in Catawba, NC, February 6, 1988. We called ourselves The Cockman Brothers, and we ranged in age from 6 to 13 years. Between 1988 and 2008, we released 12 albums. These two anniversary discs contain 46 songs selected from those twelve albums. You will hear the progression from beginning musicians with young voices to the adult product of years of perfecting vocal harmonies and instrumental skills. You might get a hint, too, of how God has blessed us in our Christian walk and has inspired us to write our own hymns of praise. We dedicate the special edition to you, all the friends and family who have supported our efforts through these 20 wonderful years.

Disc 1


Disc 2


His eye is on the sparrow

Angels Unaware

Keep on the firing line

Amazing Grace

Just a little talk with Jesus

Home is where the heart is

The old rugged cross

The promise

Precious Memories

At the cross

Sail on

Old time religion

Where could I Go

Where the roses never fade

A deep settled peace

Near the cross

When Johnny comes

Looking for a place to cross

Old soldiers' reunion

He giveth more grace

marching home

Like an eagle

When I pray

Thank You for Your blessings

Lay your burdens

One more day

Child of the King

Maker of the stars

Ballad of Old Blue

There is a highway

A beautiful life

Christmas time at home

Sweet by and by

Sweet Jesus

When You touched me

In the stable

I feel like traveling on

A love song

The love letter

Christmas lullaby

Blessing you still

Just once more

He picked me up

Joy to the world

Cling to His promise


Swallow your pride

Silent night

THE COCKMAN FAMILY   -   PO BOX 63   -   SHERRILL'S FORD, NC  28673   -   (828) 478-4306

The Promise

THE COCKMAN FAMILY   -   PO BOX 63   -   SHERRILL'S FORD, NC  28673   -   (828) 478-4306

Maker of the Stars: A Cockman Family Christmas
UNC Public Television, DVD or VHS
Available on VHS and DVD:  This one-hour video was produced by UNC Public TV.  This video was made possible by a grant by The McNeill Foundation.  The Holiday Special includes every song on our "Maker of the Stars" CD (see below for list).  Extra music includes David thumping "Count Your Blessings" on the bass fiddle, and Ben playing "The First Noel" on resophonic guitar as we relate the Christmas story from the Book of Luke.  We hope that the warm, living-room setting and the friendly dialogue between songs will give viewers a feel for what Christmas is like in the Cockman household.
Maker of the Stars
CD, Audio soundtrack to the above DVD
Joy To The World
Maker Of The Stars (John Cockman, Jr.)
Away In A Manger
Christmas Time At Home (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
Angels Unaware (John Cockman, Jr.)
Bethlehem, Bethlehem (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
In The Stable (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
    Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem
There's A Light (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
Silent Night
Christmas Lullaby (Jane Cockman)
O Holy Night
Go Tell It On The Mountain

THE COCKMAN FAMILY   -   PO BOX 63   -   SHERRILL'S FORD, NC  28673   -   (828) 478-4306

When You Touched Me


The Love Letter (John Cockman, Jr.)
My Love (Billy Cockman)
I Will Ride This Road (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
He Picked Me Up (John Cockman, Jr.)
I Love You Lord (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
    Hold To God's Unchanging Hand
When You Touched Me (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
That Joy Was You (John Cockman, Jr.)
I Met Calvary (Billy Cockman)
Swallow Your Pride (David Cockman)

THE COCKMAN FAMILY   -   PO BOX 63   -   SHERRILL'S FORD, NC  28673   -   (828) 478-4306

When I Pray
    When I Pray (Caroline Cockman Fisher)
    Child Of The King (John Cockman, Jr.)
    The Fourth Man (Arthur Smith)
    I Saw A Man (Arthur Smith)
    Jesus Hold My Hand
    Welcome To The Promised Land (John Jr.)
    Blessings In Disguise (Sylvia Burgess)
    At The Cross
    Just A Little Talk With Jesus
    Meeting In The Air
    A Beautiful Life
    His Eye Is On The Sparrow

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Samuel Fisher
Samuel Fisher: You are my Sunshine
All instrumentation performed by Sam!
  Alabama Jubillee
  Windy and Warm
  Black Mountain Rag
  What a Friend We have in Jesus
  Cannonball Rag
  Amazing Grace
  Beaumont Rag
  Wildwood Flower
  Goodbye World, Goodbye
  You are My Sunshine

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butterpats 3
The Butterpats: Volume 3
  Whatever Happened to the Yodeling Cowgirls (Nancy Glenn)
  I'm an old Cowhand (Johnny Mercer)
  I Know that God is on the Prairie (Arwen Cockman)
  Hike it, Cowboys (Traditional)
  I've Been Everywhere (Geoff Mack)
  Roll On, Little Dogies (Traditional)
  Lonely Yukon Stars (Douglas Green)
  Roundup in the Sky (Arwen and Lorien Cockman)
      Green Pastures (Ralph Stanley)
  So Long to the Red River Valley (Glenn Spencer)
  Peace I Give (John Cockman, Jr.)
      Greatest Cowboy of Them All (Johnny Cash)
The Butterpats: Volume 2
      The Fly-Away Horse (Eugene Field)
      Children Sing (Fanny Crosby)
  Yodel to My Lord (John Cockman, Jr.)
      Jewels (William O. Cushing)
  Lone Cowgirl (Arwen and Lorien Cockman)
      Little Dewdrop (Arwen and Lorien Cockman)
      Lorien's Piano Recital (Medley)
      Get Along Little Dogies (Traditional)
  For the Beauty of the Earth (Folliot Pierpoint)
      Modern Bible Memorizer (John Cockman, Jr.)
      Arwen's Favorite Hymns (Medley)
      I've Got that Joy (Traditional)
      Princess of Jesus (Lorien Cockman)
  Hallelujah, We Shall Rise (John Thomas)
      Lullabies (Medley)

THE COCKMAN FAMILY   -   PO BOX 63   -   SHERRILL'S FORD, NC  28673   -   (828) 478-4306

Callie King Cockman Family Cookbook
$15.00 including shipping and handling

The original Callie King Cockman Family Cookbook was compiled as a tribute to John Cockman, Sr.'s mother in 1999 to celebrate her 88th birthday. She passed away on August 3, 2009 at the age of 98. This revised and expanded version of the cookbook is an additional memorial to her and a testament to her importance as the longtime matriarch of our family. The book is full of delicious, country family favorites such as chicken and dumplings, fried okra, and chocolate pound cake. In adition to many more scrumptions recipes are cooking tips and information sidebars of family life. Our Aunt Margaret and Uncle Dwain have this book available at their publishing company, Tennessee Valley Publishing.  If you like good country cooking, you don't want to pass this one up!